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# v0.8.0
- Add search to catalog, ammo, container, tag and range index pages
- Tweak urls for catalog, ammo, containers, tags and shot records
- Fix bug with shot group chart not drawing lines between days correctly
- Improve cards across app (make them line up with each other)
- Update translations and add spanish!!! (thank you Brea and Hannah!)
# v0.7.2
- Code improvements
# v0.7.1
- Fix table component alignment and styling
- Fix toggle button styling
- Miscellanous code improvements
- Improve container index table
- Fix bug with ammo not updating after deleting shot group
- Replace ammo "added on" with "purchased on"
- Miscellaneous wording improvements
- Update translations
# v0.7.0
- Add shading to table component
- Fix chart to sum by day
- Fix whitespace when copying invite url
- Make ammo type show page also display ammo groups as table
- Make container show page also display ammo groups as table
- Display CPR for ammo packs
- Add original count for ammo packs
- Add ammo pack CPR and original count to json export
# v0.6.0
- Update translations
- Display used-up date on used-up ammo
- Make ammo index page a bit more compact
- Make ammo index page filter used-up ammo
- Make ammo catalog page include ammo count
- Make ammo type show page a bit more compact
- Make ammo type show page include container names for each ammo
- Make ammo type show page filter used-up ammo
- Make container index page optionally display a table
- Make container show page a bit more compact
- Make container show page filter used-up ammo
- Forgot to add the logo as the favicon whoops
- Add graph to range page
- Add JSON export of data
- Add ammo cloning
- Add ammo type cloning
- Add container cloning
- Fix bug with moving ammo packs between containers
- Add button to set rounds left to 0 when creating a shot group
- Update project dependencies
# v0.5.4
- Rename "Ammo" tab to "Catalog", and "Manage" tab is now "Ammo"
- Ammo groups are now just referred to as Ammo or "Packs"
- URL paths now reflect new names
- Add pack and round count to container information
- Add cute logo >:3 Thank you [kalli](!
- Add note about deleting an ammo type deleting all ammo of that type as well
- Prompt to create first ammo type before trying to create first ammo
- Add note about creating unlimited invites
- Update screenshot lol
# v0.5.3
- Update French translation: Thank you [duponin](!
- Update German translation: Thank you [Kaia](!
# v0.5.2
- Add "Added on" date to ammo groups
- Add "Added on" date to ammo types
- Add "Registered on" date to user information
- Add language in user settings. The `LOCALE` environment variable will continue
to set the default locale for the application.
- Add involvement links to home page
- Fix button text-wrapping
- Update dependencies
# v0.5.1
- Add French translation: Thank you [duponin](!
# v0.5.0
- Add German translation: Thank you [Kaia](!
- Fix not being able to edit ammo group when fully used up
- Fix bug with average price per round calculation
- Show average price per round on ammo type table
- Use Elixir v1.13.4
# v0.4.1
- Fix button and tag text wrapping
- Code quality fixes
# v0.4.0
- Make tables sortable
- Add link to changelog from version number
- Fix some elements flashing with black background
- Fix bug with moving ammo group to new container
- Fix bug with no error showing up for create ammo group form
# v0.3.0
- Fix ammo type counts not showing when count is 0
- Add prompt to create first container before first ammo group
- Edit and delete shot groups from ammo group show page
- Use today's date when adding new shot groups
- Create multiple ammo groups at one time
# v0.2.3
- Fix modals with overflowing forms
- Fix grids having uneven margins in phone mode
- Add page titles to registration and setting pages
# v0.2.2
- Fix loading and reconnecting pages not being fixed
- Fix closing modal in some cases not triggering a page reload
- Fix error when display container and tag edit routes from a fresh reload
# v0.2.1
- Fix checkbox spacing for mobile view
- Fix spacing with form elements in mobile view
- Fix user card spacing
# v0.2.0
- Add or remove tags from containers list and details page
- Show tags on containers
- Add "Cannery" to page titles
- Don't show true/false column for ammo types if all values are false
- Fix ammo type firing type display
- Show original count, current value, and percentage remaining for ammo groups
- Show shot history for an ammo group
- Show ammo round totals and total shot for ammo types
# v0.1.0
- Initial release!